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Concealed Deck Fasteners

Sure Drive USA offers the largest variety of concealed deck fasteners in the industry!


The original “track-style” concealed deck fastener, which works with all types of decking materials, was invented in 1995.

  • Original concealed deck fastener – available in 8 foot and 4-foot pre-pack (65 sq. ft.)
  • Works on ANY decking material
  • Powder coated colors and stainless steel available
  • Fasteners sold separately with 8 foot program
  • 30 year warranty against loose deck boards
The Hidden Link®

This deck clip system leaves no visible fasteners on your deck surface, and is the perfect choice for non-grooved composite deck boards and exotic hardwoods.

  • Perfect for solid edge composites, cedar and redwood decking.
  • Fasteners compression fit for easy installation on ground level decks.
  • Available in 1/8” and 1/4" gap spacing.
  • Coated high tensile steel and coated stainless steel clips available
  • 25 year warranty against loose deck boards
Mantis® Clips

The Mantis clip for grooved decking is the easiest clip on the market to install while offering superior holding power. Our 30 year limited warranty against loose deck boards proves we stand behind our products.

  • Best performing clip on the market – lateral movement and uplift.
  • Easiest clip to install – Eliminator RCS pneumatic tool with E Z-Slide attachment.
  • Custom Fit – Four profiles to choose from insures a cling fit to the deck board.
  • Approval letters from decking manufacturers.
  • Most complete product offering – start clips, finish clips and transition clips
  • Increased airflow helps protect joist system
  • Most cost effective – estimated installed cost of less than .90 per square foot.
  • Coated high tensile steel and coated stainless steel clips available
  • 30 year warranty against loose deck boards
Coyote® Clip

The Coyote clip offers a 90 degree installation process and fasteners that can be used for wood or steel joist systems. The patent pending aggressive ribs molded into the surface of the clip help control lateral movement and improves the structural integrity of the deck. Independent testing proved a 40% greater resistance against lateral movement compared to other plastic clips on the market. The coyote clip is the most affordable concealed deck fastener we offer.

  • Perfect for grooved composite deck boards, cedar and hardwood decking.
  • High strength polypropylene
  • Patent pending aggressive ribs help control lateral movement
  • Comes with stainless steel screws with powder coated black heads.
  • Self-drilling stainless steel screws available for steel joist applications.
  • Driver bit included
  • 30 year warranty against loose deck boards.