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Pan American Screw offers a wide range of fasteners for a variety of applications. Furniture, Cabinets, Construction, Decking, Windows, Doors and Roofing applications are just a few.

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Door & Window Screws

Co-Op Screw® manufacture and stock a wide variety of screws for window manufacturers. Our product offering includes 18-8 stainless steel, 410 stainless steel and our innovative carbon steel WFR coated screws for maximum durability and corrosion resistance. Made-To-Order or from stock we have the fasteners you need. Click To Explore

Home & Office Screws

Deerwood Fasteners® and Pan American Screw® are industry leaders in the production of furniture assembly screws. Our Recex® (Square-Phillips Combo) Lo-Root® coarse thread has been the benchmark in the industry for over 50 years. Diameters available from #4 to #14 and lengths from 3/8" to 6" insure we have in stock the parts you need. Click To Explore

Kitchen & Bath Screws

PAS/Deerwood offers a variety of fasteners for Kitchen and Bath applications. From cabinet construction, countertop installation, hinge and hardware applications or cabinet installation we have the fastener for your needs. Click To Explore

Drywall & Framing Screws

Sure Drive USA® offers a complete line of standard and specialty drywall screws. Our product line includes bulk and packaged screws in black phosphate, yellow zinc and clear zinc finishes. We are unique as we offer not only a complete offering of fine thread and coarse thread drywall screws but also a complete line with a Type-17 self-drilling tip. Lengths available from 3/4" to 6". Click To Explore

Exterior & Decking Fasteners

Sure Drive USA ® offers the widest variety of decking fastening solutions in the industry. We stock a full line of coated deck screws, stainless steel screws, trim head stainless steel screws, composite deck screws and the most comprehensive hidden deck fastener product offering available. Be sure to review our easy to follow installation videos for our hidden deck fasteners. Click To Explore

Metal Roofing Accessories &
Metal to Metal Screws

Pan American Screw provides a wide selection of fasteners for metal to metal and metal to wood construction. Customers get a proven track record of quality and reliability with our ATLAS® branded fasteners. Click To Explore